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Income statement

thousands of eurosnotes1st half 20131st half 2012  as ajusted *
Revenue 42,429,4132,298,917
Other operating revenues5107,46184,445
Use of raw materials and consumables 6(1,330,822)(1,399,806)
Service costs7(496,774)(427,503)
Personnel costs8(246,445)(192,184)
Amortisation, depreciation,provisions9(198,664)(151,550)
Other operating costs10(25,292)(19,337)
Capitalised costs117,76413,057
Operating profit 246,641206,039
Portion of profits (loss) pertaining to associated companies123,1002,897
Financial income1364,51845,600
Financial expense13(138,478)(110,268)
Total financial operations (70,860)(61,771)
Other non-recurring non-operating income1474,8060
Pre-tax profit 250,587144,268
Taxes for the period15(77,712)(63,963)
Net profit for the period 172,87580,305
Attributable to:   
Shareholders of the Parent Company 165,19973,782
Non-controlling interests 7,6766,523
Earnings per share15.1  
basic 0.1240.067
diluted 0.1180.064

* Comparative figures have been adjusted to reflect amendments commented in the "Summary adjustments" of the Explicative Notes